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DEUTZ Engines

DEUTZ engines have been providing innovative solutions to your power needs. Today we are meeting your increasing power demands while conforming to government requirements for environmentally friendly engines, thanks to our state-of-the-art technology built into every engine made by DEUTZ.
Our product lines include diesel engines

  • Industrial and Construction
  • Marine applications
  • Mining applications
  • Gensets

Industrial Diesel Engines
from 40 to 612 kW

Mercedes-Benz Industrial diesel engines are manufactured on a alarge scale and their advantages have been proven in decades of operation under the most diverse condition, all over the world. More than 400,000 diesel engines are manufactured annually at the various factories, including those used in the company’s own vehicle production.
The range is made up of three different series:

  • the 600 series, consisting of 4 and 5 cylinder in line engines
  • the 300 series comprising 4 and 6 cylinder in line engines
  • the 400 series with 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinder V-engines and 6 cylinder in line engines


MAN Industrial Engines

MAN offers a large range of engines for a huge variety of industrial applications and operating conditions. Whether the engine is required for stationary power units, power take off systems, pump drives, special purpose vehicles, etc. MAN industrial engines offer optimized performance with the security of a major worldwide company as your partner.

All MAN engines provide the customer with the following major advantages

  • high cylinder output efficiency
  • minimal running costs due to optimized fuel and lubricating oil comsumption
  • low thermal stress on engine parts
  • optimized combustion for low emissions. For example MAN NO-optimized engines emit only 50% of
    the NO permitted under German TA-Luft regulations
  • latest technology turbocharging and air to air intercooling
  • long service life with minimal maintenance requirements
  • compact design
  • flexibility from a large range of engine accessories
  • cost effectiveness

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